How To Collect Unlimited Emails From Facebook Group

How To Collect Unlimited Emails From Facebook Group

Facebook is the most popular social media platform globally, which has 2.7 billion monthly active users. Facebook group is one of the important features of Facebook. A group admin can leverage and use this platform for different purposes. Many business owners are creating Facebook groups for their business purpose to find more clients and manage the existing ones.

But it’s not known to many of the group owners that they can easily collect emails from the group members. These emails will help the admin to keep regular communication with the group members. If you are a Facebook group owner or planning to collect unlimited leads from your group, this blog will help you all the way.

Benefits of collecting leads from Facebook group

1. Sending important newsletters

If you have the group members’ email list, you can send important notifications and newsletters to them. You can use an email marketing autoresponder to send these notifications and newsletters within a short time.

2.Reaching maximum members

All the group members will not see all the posts you are making in your Facebook group. If you have given an important post in your group and want the maximum number of group members to know, you can use the email list to send the post or a small notification regarding the post to the members’ email inbox.

3.Helps to generate Facebook ads

If you are going to run Facebook ads and your target audiences are your group members, then leads can also help you in this regard. You can put the emails and the names in your ad manager.

4.Communication outside the Facebook group

With the leads’ help, you can keep communication with your Facebook group members outside the group. Your group might get banned by Facebook for violating their policy, but your leads will remain intact. And these emails are going to help you to stay attached with the members.

How to collect leads from Facebook group

When you are creating your Facebook group, you can add three questions for the members who will send joining requests. If you have already created the Facebook group, you can also add the questions.

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In any of the three questions, you can ask for the email of the members. You can then collect those emails and store them in a spreadsheet and email marketing autoresponder. You will have to do this manually. Many group owners hire social media virtual assistant for collecting these answers. If you want, you can use the Facebook group automation tool named Groupboss to do all these tasks with a single click.

How Groupboss Works: Getting Started With Groupboss

Pro Tips

  1. Ask the members’ consents whether they are willing to receive notifications from you or not while asking for the email address.

2.  Try to provide value when a member is putting the email before joining the group. This value can be an ebook or any other free source, which you will send in the welcome email.