Facebook Group Description: All You Need To Know in 2021

Facebook Group Description: All You Need To Know in 2021

The most important thing you need to check after naming is the Facebook group is the description of your group.

Will you buy a product if there is no description added? Obviously, No. You will look for the product description, why it is made for, the ingredients, for whom this product is for, etc.

A Facebook group without a clear description is like a product with no product description.

In this blog, you will know some important information regarding Facebook group descriptions with some examples from renowned groups. You will learn the following things about the Facebook group description:

1.  Importance of Facebook group description

2. How to add a Facebook group description.

3. Things to remember while writing the description

4. Some good examples of Facebook group descriptions.

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Without any more delay, let’s dive into our main content.

1. Importance of Facebook group description

Description of your group is like the face of your group. Anyone visiting your group will see the description at first. However, if the group is public, members may see some of the posts.

Remember, the Facebook group with a definite purpose are private in most cases as the group owners maintain the group efficiently.  Since new members who want to join the group will see the description at first, you need to write the Facebook group description so that new members will get a clear picture of the group.

In the later part of this article, you will learn about some of the key points to consider while writing a description. Now, let’s have a look at the process of adding a description.

2. How to add a Facebook group description.

It’s straightforward to add a description to your Facebook group. After creating the Facebook group, you can easily add a description to your group with the help of the following steps.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Settings’ option at the bottom left corner of your Facebook group.

Step 2: Now, go to the ‘Name and description’ option and click on the ‘Edit’ icon.

Step 3: Now, write the Facebook group description and click ‘Save’.

You have come to know the simple three steps to set Facebook group description. To make this description an attractive one, you should look for some techniques.

3. Things to remember while writing the description

To write the best description for your Facebook group, consider checking out the following important techniques.

1. Write the purpose of the group

Indeed, you have a purpose for creating a Facebook group. Many a time, Facebook group admins fail to clarify the purpose of the group. What are things will be discussed inside the group?  Remember, the purpose of your group should be relevant to the name of your Group. You can write the purpose in the very first line or create separate para for the purpose.

For example: Look at the red marked portion of the below screenshot. Here, it is clearly mentioned that the group is created for discussing the automation of Facebook groups. And, this is the primary purpose of this group.

2. Include other learning relevant reasons

Once you have clarified the group’s primary purpose, it’s time to inform the other relevant reasons for creating the group. These are nothing but the additional advantages that group members will receive by joining your Facebook group.

3. Who are the eligible members of the group

Literally, you do not need everyone on Facebook to join your group. Your primary focus should be on the quality of the members, not the quantity.  There are myriads of Facebook groups with a huge number of members with significantly less engagement.

You will find the group is full of spam posts. If you have a purpose for creating the Facebook group, you should not allow everyone in your group. You should clarify in the Facebook group description about the members for whom you have created the group.

4. Make your expectations clear

Being a Facebook group admin, you need to clarify your expectations from the members. And, you should mention that in the Facebook group admins. It will help your potential group members to get a better insight into your Facebook group.

5. Do’s and Don’ts

There is a specific option in the Facebook group to inform the group members about the dos and don’ts. You can add one or two of those rules in your description and request the potential members to check the group rules. If you ca

5. Your recommendations

If you are promoting anything, it is better that you mention it beforehand so that the group members do not get confused once you post something n your Facebook group about your business or tool.

Remember, the tool you are promoting should be relevant to the purpose of the group. It is not evident that you will promote your tool only; you can recommend anything beneficial for the group members.

Some good examples of Facebook group descriptions

In this section of the article, you are going to see some of the best examples of Facebook group descriptions. These examples will help you to get insights on how to write a good Facebook group description.

Example 1:Facebook Group Growth & Automation Family by Groupboss

"Managing a Facebook group is a tough job. But, if you can utilise some time to explore the automation of your group, you can save much of your valuable time.

Here in this Facebook Group Growth & Automation Family group, you will find tips and tricks related to the automation of Facebook groups to grab the most benefit out of this important feature of Facebook.

Together, we can learn better and achieve our goals. Though the primary purpose of this community is to discuss the automation of Facebook groups, however, you can also learn the following things as well:

i. Tips on the monetisation of the Facebook group

ii. Different important tutorials related to the Facebook group.

iii. Information related to the new features of Facebook groups and the guidelines to use those.

This group is created for the community leaders, Facebook group owners who want to learn and share insights on the automation of the group. Anyone on Facebook who has a Facebook group or planning to start with a Facebook group are most welcome to join this community.

It is expected that the being a member of this community, you will participate sportingly in different discussions and help other fellow Facebook group owners. Keep in mind that if you help others, you will get the help once you need that. Members are requested to read the group rules and help the group admins to manage this group efficiently.

If you want to learn more about the lead collection from the Facebook group, we have got a tool named Groupboss. With this tool, you can save the answers to the Facebook group questions set for the new joining members with a single click. To learn more, check the website: groupboss.io

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Example 2: SaaS Growth Hacks group of Aaron Krall


Welcome to SaaS Growth Hacks!

I’m Aaron Krall. I’m honored and thrilled to have you here.

SGH is a community of founders, CEOs, and professionals related to the SaaS world. This group has helped thousands of folks start, scale, and run their SaaS businesses.

You’ve made it in… congrats. Here’s how not to get banned...


This group is open for any member to publish a post. We’d like to keep it that way and we are counting on you to make it possible.

1. Are you new here? Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, where you're from, and talk about your SaaS. Don’t be salesy. Intros are good, launch posts are not. The first tend to be super friendly and introduce members, the latter tend to be promotional (come one... you know what we mean).

2. Before posting SEARCH THE GROUP! Chances are your question has been answered by someone. Check the Popular Topic Post tags on the right and click on a tag to see all posts related to that term.

3. If you DON'T see your question answered, ask away! Make sure to ask for very specific feedback. Give advice. Start a discussion. This is a place for you to learn from some of the top SaaS Founders and Executives in the industry. Discussion is HIGHLY encouraged (but remember, be kind :) )

4. NO LINKS to articles, blogs, posts, videos. You'll see plenty of these from ME, but that's because it's my group and I can do waddiwant!

Posts like this will be deleted and offenders will be warned. Two warns = banned. So PLEASE don't do that, I'd love to have you in the group a long time.

INSTEAD, read the article, blog or video and post the highlights from the article and any insights you gained as a native TEXT Facebook post.

You CAN post an article in the comments though in response to a question.

Each week you'll see three threads:

Launch It Monday: You can post about ANYTHING you've launched, articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, updates to your tool, pretty much anything.

Job Posting Wednesday: Hiring or looking for work? Post a short description/resume.

Special Offer Friday: Although promotional posts in the group are NOT ALLOWED unless approved by yours truly, this thread is where you can PROMOTE your PANTS OFF. Post anything you can think of, nothing is off the table.


1. You can link to your Product Hunt launch the day it goes live. Refrain from linking to other people’s Product Hunt pages.

2. Do not post Appsumo (or similar) deals. There are many other groups out there for LTDs and SaaS discounts.

3. SHORT LINKS ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. They will get you booted from the group.

4. Asking for “feedback” as a veiled promotion will cost you a stern warning. Please, don’t try to game the system ;)

Blatant self-promotion will get you banned and blocked.

If you have ANY other questions, please reach out to Fede Jorge or Joshua Sharp, the two main admins of the group.

See you on the inside!

Aaron Krall"

Example 3: Alston's SaaS Lifetime Deals & Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs 🚀 by Alston Anthony

A growing community of business owners, professionals, and digital marketing learners focused on:

1. Help you find the best tech, WordPress, software & SaaS lifetime deals, lifetime subscriptions, or exclusive discounts from SaaSpirate.

-Alston Antony will do in-depth reviews, talks, interviews, and guides for lifetime deals according to your requests

-We are an independent group, so all the members will share their honest experiences, opinions, and viewpoints.

-We will have SaaS founders to help out with member questions and doubts directly.

-We bring the best lifetime deals, exclsuive discounts, free giveaways, limited-time coupons, and more.

-Discuss software & SaaS from deal sites such as AppSumo, Rebeliance, StackSocial, DigitalThink, Pitchground, exclusive deals, community deals or anywhere else.

2. Learn step by step digital marketing to grow your business or increase your sales using LTD deals, affordable solutions, or free resources from ClickTug.

-Alston Antony will do in-depth guides and tutorials on teaching practical digital marketing for SMB, digital entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and professionals.

-Amazing community of members who are here to help each other discuss and share their knowledge on digital tech.

-Talk/Help/Learn any topics including SaaS, SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Marketing, E-commerce Blogging, Youtube Marketing, Social Marketing, Business, and more.

-There is no stupid question; everyone will try to help each other.


Few important rules:

No spamming the group & will be restricted or removed from the group.

If you want to offer/pitch/share your product or service to the group, contact an admin first.

Don't post your affiliate or referral links. Only admins & mods are allowed to post to support group development/management.

No 2nd hand buying, selling, group-buy or trading softwares or lifetime deals allowed.

No hate speech or bullying - Try to treat the next member as you want the member to treat you.

Use only English, so all the members can understand.

FAQs regarding Facebook group description

Some of the frequently asked questions associated with Facebook group descriptions with answers are added below.

Question: What are the things should I include in my Facebook group description?

Answer: You can write the description on your own based on the type of group you are creating. However, the following points will help you write the description nicely.
i. Mission or purpose of the group

ii. For whom the group is created. That means the eligibility of becoming a member.

iii. Your expectation from the members

iv. Do’s and Dont’s of the group.

Question: Can I add group rules to the description?

Answer: There is a separate option of adding Facebook group rules. You can add one or two rules in the description and request the members to read the group rules that you have added.

Question: What is the world limit for Facebook group description?

Answer: You can add maximum 3000 words in your Facebook group description. So, plan and write your description keeping the word limit in mind.