The Best Ever GroupKit Alternative

The Best Ever GroupKit Alternative

Do you have a Facebook group, and you want to collect the data with a single click? Keeping this in mind, you have discovered Groups pro, which has this functionality. But they have very limited features comparing with its competitor.
If you are looking for an alternative to GroupKit, then this blog is for you. Reading this blog, you will get the idea of why Groupboss is the best alternative to GroupKit.

What Groupboss is:

Groupboss is a chrome extension with a clean and clear UI and dashboard. Using Groupboss, you will be able to collect the answers to the questions that you have already set for your new members, provided that the new member has answered your questions. Also, you will be able to collect the FB ID link. It also helps you to collect emails to your favorite autoresponders like

  • Mailchimp
  • Lemlist
  • GetResponse
  • Activecampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • SendFox
  • Moosend
  • MailerLite
  • Automizy
  • Sendgrid
  • Sendinblue
  • Klaviyo

What GroupKit is:

GroupKit is also Facebook Group automation software with different features. They also have a few integrations. But the onboarding process of all the configurations is not as smooth as Groupboss.

Why Groupboss is the best substitute for GroupKit:

Groupboss is quite similar to Facebook group automation tools like GroupKit, with many differences. Groupboss is new in the marketplace. But within a very short period, it has got an eye-catching response from the customers. From the following comparison, you will be able to understand which one is the best suit for you between Groupboss and GroupKit.

1. Cost-Effective Plan for Users:

Groupboss has got the best ever affordable plans for the customers. It has two different kinds of plans.

a. Yearly Popular(Influencer) Up to 5 Groups-$99/year
b. Mega Plan Life Time  for Unlimited Groups- $299
You will get all the features in these plans.

GroupKit has also got two monthly plans.
a. GroupKit  monthly - $34/month( That means $408/year)
b. GroupKit monthly pro- $48/month(That means $575/year)
It is to be mentioned that you can approve 300 member requests for only 1 group every month with GroupKit monthly plan costing $34.

2. Better Customer Support:

Groupboss is always concerned about rendering the best service to the customers. Its users are highly satisfied with the support system. There is live chat support on the website, which is supported by Crisp; there is a Facebook Page, which always remains active. There is a Facebook group, and the link to the group is also available at the top right corner of our website. And we also conduct calls and meetings with our customers through ZOOM/SKYPE. Groupboss team maintains all these things to provide the best support to the customers.

On the other hand, there is nothing mentioned about the support system on GroupKit’s website. You need to go to the support option, then the troubleshooting section. After one more step, you are going to get their support email.

3. Unlimited Autoresponders:

So far, Groupboss has added a few email autoresponders. Many more autoresponders will be added. Groupboss is also adding autoresponders based on customers’ demand.

GroupKit has a total of 8 integrations, and Groupboss has direct integration with 13 different email autoresponders.

4. Refund policy:

Groupboss strictly maintains it’s 14 days full refund policy. When a customer asks for a refund, at that moment, a refund is issued to the customer. So far Groupboss team has got very few refund requests, which dictates that customers are liking Groupboss.

GroupKit has 14 days money-back guarantee.

5. Create FB Custom and Lookalike Audience Using Groupboss.

It is one of the unique features of Groupboss. In the Groupboss dashboard, when you click on ‘Create FB custom and lookalike audiences,’ then your data will be downloaded in a CSV file. After that, you can use that saved custom/lookalike audience list when you are going to generate Facebook ads.

They have mentioned this feature on their website. But there is nothing mentioned about the process of getting the custom and lookalike audiences. And there is no specific tutorial for that as well.

6. Easy Access to Dashboard:

You can easily go to the dashboard from the Groupboss chrome extension. The UI of Groupboss is very clear. You can download data from the dashboard very easily with a single click. You can also see the graph of your data collection and see the leads collected in a date range.

GroupKit has the dashboard option as well. But it doesn’t have many customizations like Groupboss.

6. Getting Data of Definite Time Range:  

Groupboss gives you the flexibility to see the data collected in a definite interval of time. You can also see the amount of data collected on a particular day or in a definite range of time. You can select the date ranges in the Groupboss dashboard.

The new version of GroupKit has got this feature. You need to see all the data together.

8. Free Trial:

Groupboss provides you the option of a 7 days free trial option. It is available in the Yearly plan only.
GroupKit has got 14 days free trial option.

Last Words:

Team Groupboss always gives priority to the satisfaction of customers. It also values the customers’ suggestions and feedback to fulfill their demands. Groupboss has just started its journey, and within a short time, it has got an unimaginable response. This response encourages team Groupboss to work relentlessly for the customers. There will be many more upgrades and surprises for Groupboss users.

After getting all this information, it’s now your turn to decide which software is the best suit for you.

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