How To Save The Answers To The Facebook Group Questions

How To Save The Answers To The Facebook Group Questions

The popularity of Facebook groups is increasing day by day. This important free feature of Facebook is used for different purposes. Among the various features of a Facebook group, the Membership question is an important one.
Being a Facebook group owner/admin/moderator, you can set a maximum of three questions for the new members who want to join your group. Asking questions has got some importance. Once you approve the members, you will have no access to answers as Facebook doesn’t allow you to see those.

However, by reading this blog, you will know the importance of asking questions and how to collect the answers.

Ways To Collect/Save The answers To The Membership Questions

You can collect or save the answers before approving the members in two ways either manually or automatically.  You perform this task using the following ways:

1. Collect/Save answers manually

Once a member wants to join your group answering the questions, you will get a notification. You will find the members in the ‘member request’ option. You can also see the answers provided by the members. So, you can copy-paste the answers to a spreadsheet before approving the members.
It’s a bit of a time-consuming process of collecting the answers. Many Facebook group owners hire virtual assistants for doing this task.  

2. Collect/Save answers automatically

Who doesn’t love to save time and invest time in other tasks? As mentioned collecting the answers manually is a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, using a Facebook group automation tool like Groupboss, you can collect the answers automatically with a single click.
If you are asking for emails in any of the questions, you can send them to email marketing autoresponders as well.

Importance of setting membership Questions.

A few benefits of Setting questions for the new members are highlighted below:

a. Helps in Screening new members

If you want to create a community of qualified members, then membership questions are a must. Being a Facebook group owner, if your main intention is to increase the number of members only, you may not need this feature.
If you have a purpose for your Facebook group and want like-minded people to get approved in your Facebook group, you can screen the members based on your criteria.

b. Helps in Reducing Spam

Once you approve the members based on your requirements, those members will be of a similar nature and mind. So, you can expect fewer spammers in the group. However, spammers will be there, and as a group owner, you have all the rights to block or remove any spammer.

c. Helps in research

If you intend to conduct research on the Facebook group members, you can set questions in that way. The answers to the questions will help you to complete the research smoothly.

d. Helps in identifying potential customers

Potential customers are those who are looking for the tool or services you have. They may purchase your service or tool. You can design a question based on identifying the potential customers.
For example, if you have an SEO service agency, the website owners are your potential customers. You can ask in any of the questions whether the members own any website or not. Also, whether they are interested in improving the SEO performance of the website or not.

e. Helps in building an email list

Do you know a Facebook group is an excellent source for building an email list? A question may arise that how is this possible? Yes, it’s possible. Many Facebook group owners are not aware of it.
As mentioned earlier, you can set three questions for the new members. You can ask for email addresses in one of the questions. Once a member sends the join request, they need to answer the questions, and you can check that in the ‘Member Request’ option of your Facebook group. You can now decide whom you want to approve in your community.

To keep the emails saved in google sheet or if you want to send the emails to your favorite email marketing autoresponder, you can use a tool like Groupboss. This tool will help you to collect the emails with a single click, and you can focus on other activities.

Pro Tip

There will be members who will put invalid emails only to get access in your group. Some members will not put the email at all. To avoid this issue, you can provide value to the members in return for mail.

For example, Whoever will put the email, you can send something valuable in return through the provided mail. It can be an ebook, tutorial, marketing plan, checklist, etc.

Final Words

If you have read the above content, you have learned the importance of Facebook group questions and how to save the answers. It’s now time to take action. If you have not set the questions in your Facebook group, you can do it just now. Or, if you are planning to create a community based on the Facebook group, you can also keep in mind regarding the Facebook group questions